5 beautiful bike tours around the world

Traveling is a great way to meet new horizons, live different experiences, and get to know new landscapes and cultures. Most of the time, travelers tend to visit new places by foot, by themselves or on guided tours, while others they rent transportation such as a car to move between their destinations. However, a novel and fulfilling way to discover a new place is by bike.

If you like biking and want to try a new way of getting involved with your destination, and also getting some exercise in the way, then check out these beautiful bike tours you can take around the world!



Bike through Kerala’s green roads in India

Kerala, located at the south of India, is a beautiful and green natural haven, home to many vast plantations of herbs, tea and local spices, as well as exotic and local fauna and flora. This place is popular for bike tours, and there are several companies that can assist you on your travel. A widely taken route takes you along wildlife reserves as well as the several bodies of water of Kerala, lasting for ten days. You can also rent a bike if you can’t bring yours from home!

Get to know the oriental beauty of Myanmar

Myanmar, a country in Asia’s Southeast, is a very dazzling place with top quality sights, beautiful and traditional edifications and very long and complex history and culture. This country is also home to warm people that strive to meet every tourist the best way they can. And because of this, touring along Myanmar on bike is a perfect choice to get to know the whole country: you’ll get to visit sacred sites, ancient towns and temples as well as lakes, rivers and green meadows.

Enjoy an exclusive view of Galway in Ireland

Galway is one of the best-known cities of Ireland, with beautiful historic traditions and a vast natural landscape, typical of the Irish country. This city is also perfect for biking tours that can take you away from the main tourist areas, so that you get to live Galway in an exclusive and more intimate experience. A full tour along the city takes around eight days and will take you through the churches, the piers, the old castles and other local monuments and attractions, as well as green landscapes.

Experience Spain’s Catalonia in bike

Catalonia is one of the most visited Mediterranean destinations thanks to its seafood-based gastronomy, breathtaking views and enormous list of monuments and attractions for tourists. It’s also an excellent choice for bike tours, thanks to the many cycling paths that are already in use, an initiative of the local government. You can tour along the medieval villages, the old and traditional castles, visit the coast or dive into the countryside and get to know this beautiful region from inside.

Dive into South Africa’s Western Cape

The Western Cape province of South Africa, where Cape Town is located, is one of this country’s most popular tourist destinations, and while it has all the city attractions, it’s also a good choice thanks to its good weather, diverse fauna and flora and different landscapes, with meadows, hills and mountains, among others. You can visit Western Cape and enjoy a 12 days long bike tour where you’ll experience South African gastronomy, culture and sights. Just like in other destinations, bike rental is available upon request.

Tips for traveling when you’re short on money

You don’t have to be rich or go out of your way and save for months or years in order to give yourself a good travel. In fact, it is possible to visit somewhere new while reducing your expenses, if you are willing to change the way you tend to think about traveling, and are committed to adapting to a very small budget. You might not end up in a luxury resort, but that’s okay: in the end, you’ll come back home with a very different and gratifying experience!

If you want to give yourself the luxury and pleasure of traveling with a minimal budget, read these tips!

Strike direct deals

People tend to request a travel agency’s services in order to get a complete offer that includes transportation, accommodation and other activities for just one price. While these packages tend to include certain deals and bargains, they might not be the best option if you’re on a tight budget. Instead, contact your airline and an array of hotels and inns directly, and ask for any deal or discount you can get. You might end up with a more affordable plan if you arrange it yourself!

Enjoy free tours

If you’re already in another city or country, or just want to do something different where you live, look up if there’s any free tours close to you. Tourism agencies are increasingly adding free walking tours that visit the most important monuments, attractions and streets of a given city with a local guide, in order to show off the place (and promote their paid tours). Enjoy a tour around the city with all the explanations included and without any payment at all!

Get transportation passes

Instead of paying for each trip you take on the bus or subway, see if you can get a weekly or monthly pass. It tends to be sold for a lower price if you’re an avid user of these transportation methods, and depending on the city you’re traveling to, most attractions and places are accessible by them, so you’re effectively allowing yourself to reach every bit of the city on a reduced price.


If your budget is really tight, consider Couchsurfing to eliminate your accommodation expenses! Couchsurfing is a website that allows people around the world to offer lodging for travelers, without any monetary payment. The website encourages guests to “share something” with the hosts, but this doesn’t mean you have to pay. If you can find a host profile and arrange a deal, then you’ll enjoy free accommodation and probably make a new friend in the way!

Get to know the locals

Usually, in every popular destination there are a few “tourist traps”: places and attractions that lure unaware tourists who are willing to pay more than the average for entertainment, food and other services. If you’re short on money, these places will do you no good. Instead, get to know people who actually live in your destination: strike a conversation with them on the bar or the hotel lobby, and ask them what to do for fun or where to eat. They’ll surely know where to get the best deals and reduce expenses!

Bring your own food

Finally, if you are able to, prepare food for yourself. It’s always cheaper to make something light, like sandwiches, and take them with you than to eat in a restaurant everyday.

These tips, mixed with a little bit of luck, will help you enjoy of your travel without having to worry about money!

Crazy travel experiences

Leaving your house and traveling to a city, a country or a continent far away is by itself an adventure: you’re setting aside the comfort of your own home to seek new thrills and experiences. If you want to satisfy your desires to seek new adventures, then take on any of the crazy travel challenges we list below! You will surely come back home with a plethora of tales and unbelievable stories to share.



Everest Skydiving

Mount Everest, located between Nepal and China, is famous for being the tallest mountain in the world, attracting many visitors every year due to the challenge of climbing it up to the top. However, you can also find skydiving thrills in the Sagarmatha National Park! Join the annual skydiving expedition done in the months of October and November to Mount Everest and experience jumping off a helicopter from heights greater than 15000 feet.

The Great Barrier Reef of Australia

You can also find a literally breathtaking experience underwater in the world’s largest and most famous coral reef system, located off the coast of Queensland, Australia. You will enjoy a vast amount of local flora and fauna that lives within the coral reef system as you scuba dive into clear and warm waters, learning more about the whole ecosystem that exists down below attracting more than two million people each year.

El Caminito Del Rey

Have you ever crossed a 110 years old, one meter wide trail that extends for more than 3 kilometers and hangs at 100 meters over a river? Because that’s exactly what the Caminito Del Rey, located in Málaga, Spain, is! Built originally as a pass for workers between two hydroelectric power plants, you can test your nerves walking through it in a ride full of adrenaline that is not suitable for those that fear heights!

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon, located in the homonym national park in Arizona, US, is a 277 miles long canyon carved by the Colorado River that attracts more than five million visitors every year. Besides the unforgettable, natural sights you can find there, the Grand Canyon packs a vast amount of activities for those who seek adventure: you can hike or take a helicopter tour, try skydiving or rafting, and even camping to spend a whole night in this beautiful valley carved by nature.

The Death Road in Bolivia

The North Yungas Road, connecting La Paz and Coroico in Bolivia, has been nicknamed The Death Road, and called the “world’s most dangerous road”. This single-lane road suffers from hampered visibility due to its closeness to the rainforest, and is a quite relevant attraction for thrill seeking tourists all around the world. Make sure you take all the safety measures if you visit it!

Chernobyl Tours

If you want a different and crazy experience in your next trip, what about a tour through the abandoned city of Chernobyl? Left behind after the nuclear accident years ago, Chernobyl remains frozen in time and, although it’s not safe for habitation yet, you can visit it with an experienced guide in order to know firsthand the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster. As you tour through the zone, you will learn about radiation safety, and get to learn personal experiences of the whole story of Chernobyl.


Don’t let traveling be synonymous of going to a hotel and rest for a while. Take part in one of these extreme and crazy travel experiences and live your life to the limit!

3 Historical places in Tennessee

Tennesse is one of the states that have had a huge impact on the history of the United States of America. Many battles were fought on the lands of the big state, many victories and defeats were suffered by the soldiers who stood their ground in some of the worst imaginable conditions, and many of these soldiers left their lives on the battlefields for the defended cause.

That’s one of the reasons why you can find so many landmarks and historical places all around Tennessee. We will list some of the most interesting ones.

National Civil Rights Museum

The fight against racism is one of the many that are taking place in the USA. The National Civil Rights Museum is a landmark to remember the ones who gave their life for a cause that is still an issue and to educate the new generation of people who will take action on this subject.

Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage

Andrew Jackson, a man that stands out from the crowd. His life and merits pushed the history of America to a better place, and the legacy of his actions propelled him to become a legend of today. The Andrew Jackson’s Hermitage is located in Nashville TN, and it was the place where Jackson wrote many of the letters that nowadays tell the story of this great man. If you are looking to learn about the history of America, this place should be on your list.

Carnton Plantation

The home was the largest field hospital used by the Confederate troops due to the proximity to the area where the battle of Franklin TN took place. As many of the civil war battles, it was a bloody combat where nearly 10.000 men were killed, injured or went missing. Blood stains on the floor, the graves of four Confederate generals and the cemetery where 1500 soldiers are buried, are just reminders of the things that happened in the place.

These are some of the locations you must visit if you are looking to better understand the history of the USA.

Pros and cons when traveling with kids to Las Vegas

Las Vegas. The number one place to be. However, there are many people that are wondering if this is going to be fine to take your children with you when you are going to Las Vegas. This is something that you should decide for yourself, and these pros and cons with taking your kids to Las Vegas is going to make the decision a lot easier. This is everything that you need to know about Las Vegas and kids.

Pros for taking your kids to Las Vegas

People don’t really realize it, but there are many reasons why you should consider taking your children with you, when you are going to Las Vegas.

The main reason is that there are a huge variety of activities that you can take your children to that will make it a great, unforgettable holiday for them. There are more than just casinos for adults in Las Vegas.

There are many resorts that are child-friendly that you can book at. Meaning that you will have your children safely at a resort, while you can go to the different casinos. The weather in Las Vegas is great, ideal for a family getaway full of outdoor activities.

Cons for taking your kids to Las Vegas

Even if there is a large variety of pros and benefits of taking your kids with you to Las Vegas, there are a couple of reasons why you should reconsider it.

First off all, there are many casinos where children aren’t allowed. What are you going to do with your children while you are at the casino? The same goes for some of the shows that you can see in Las Vegas.

There are some resorts that you can take your family to, but you will need to pay for a baby sitter to be able to do some grownup stuff that are popular in Las Vegas. And these fees aren’t cheap. Las Vegas isn’t one of the cheapest destinations that you can go to, and taking a whole family there is going to cost you a lot of money. Money that you might not have. It is also a city that aren’t quiet at night. If you have small children, you will have some problems getting them to sleep at night. Making you and them tired and irritated.

Las Vegas is a great holiday destination, and millions of people are going there a year. However, there are many debates about taking your kids with you when you are going there for a holiday. With these pros and cons, you will make sure that you know if this is a good idea to take your children to Las Vegas or not. This isn’t a decision that anyone else can make for you. You know your kids and know what you actually want to do in Las Vegas.