5 beautiful bike tours around the world

Traveling is a great way to meet new horizons, live different experiences, and get to know new landscapes and cultures. Most of the time, travelers tend to visit new places by foot, by themselves or on guided tours, while others they rent transportation such as a car to move between their destinations. However, a novel and fulfilling way to discover a new place is by bike.

If you like biking and want to try a new way of getting involved with your destination, and also getting some exercise in the way, then check out these beautiful bike tours you can take around the world!



Bike through Kerala’s green roads in India

Kerala, located at the south of India, is a beautiful and green natural haven, home to many vast plantations of herbs, tea and local spices, as well as exotic and local fauna and flora. This place is popular for bike tours, and there are several companies that can assist you on your travel. A widely taken route takes you along wildlife reserves as well as the several bodies of water of Kerala, lasting for ten days. You can also rent a bike if you can’t bring yours from home!

Get to know the oriental beauty of Myanmar

Myanmar, a country in Asia’s Southeast, is a very dazzling place with top quality sights, beautiful and traditional edifications and very long and complex history and culture. This country is also home to warm people that strive to meet every tourist the best way they can. And because of this, touring along Myanmar on bike is a perfect choice to get to know the whole country: you’ll get to visit sacred sites, ancient towns and temples as well as lakes, rivers and green meadows.

Enjoy an exclusive view of Galway in Ireland

Galway is one of the best-known cities of Ireland, with beautiful historic traditions and a vast natural landscape, typical of the Irish country. This city is also perfect for biking tours that can take you away from the main tourist areas, so that you get to live Galway in an exclusive and more intimate experience. A full tour along the city takes around eight days and will take you through the churches, the piers, the old castles and other local monuments and attractions, as well as green landscapes.

Experience Spain’s Catalonia in bike

Catalonia is one of the most visited Mediterranean destinations thanks to its seafood-based gastronomy, breathtaking views and enormous list of monuments and attractions for tourists. It’s also an excellent choice for bike tours, thanks to the many cycling paths that are already in use, an initiative of the local government. You can tour along the medieval villages, the old and traditional castles, visit the coast or dive into the countryside and get to know this beautiful region from inside.

Dive into South Africa’s Western Cape

The Western Cape province of South Africa, where Cape Town is located, is one of this country’s most popular tourist destinations, and while it has all the city attractions, it’s also a good choice thanks to its good weather, diverse fauna and flora and different landscapes, with meadows, hills and mountains, among others. You can visit Western Cape and enjoy a 12 days long bike tour where you’ll experience South African gastronomy, culture and sights. Just like in other destinations, bike rental is available upon request.