Crazy travel experiences

Leaving your house and traveling to a city, a country or a continent far away is by itself an adventure: you’re setting aside the comfort of your own home to seek new thrills and experiences. If you want to satisfy your desires to seek new adventures, then take on any of the crazy travel challenges we list below! You will surely come back home with a plethora of tales and unbelievable stories to share.



Everest Skydiving

Mount Everest, located between Nepal and China, is famous for being the tallest mountain in the world, attracting many visitors every year due to the challenge of climbing it up to the top. However, you can also find skydiving thrills in the Sagarmatha National Park! Join the annual skydiving expedition done in the months of October and November to Mount Everest and experience jumping off a helicopter from heights greater than 15000 feet.

The Great Barrier Reef of Australia

You can also find a literally breathtaking experience underwater in the world’s largest and most famous coral reef system, located off the coast of Queensland, Australia. You will enjoy a vast amount of local flora and fauna that lives within the coral reef system as you scuba dive into clear and warm waters, learning more about the whole ecosystem that exists down below attracting more than two million people each year.

El Caminito Del Rey

Have you ever crossed a 110 years old, one meter wide trail that extends for more than 3 kilometers and hangs at 100 meters over a river? Because that’s exactly what the Caminito Del Rey, located in Málaga, Spain, is! Built originally as a pass for workers between two hydroelectric power plants, you can test your nerves walking through it in a ride full of adrenaline that is not suitable for those that fear heights!

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon, located in the homonym national park in Arizona, US, is a 277 miles long canyon carved by the Colorado River that attracts more than five million visitors every year. Besides the unforgettable, natural sights you can find there, the Grand Canyon packs a vast amount of activities for those who seek adventure: you can hike or take a helicopter tour, try skydiving or rafting, and even camping to spend a whole night in this beautiful valley carved by nature.

The Death Road in Bolivia

The North Yungas Road, connecting La Paz and Coroico in Bolivia, has been nicknamed The Death Road, and called the “world’s most dangerous road”. This single-lane road suffers from hampered visibility due to its closeness to the rainforest, and is a quite relevant attraction for thrill seeking tourists all around the world. Make sure you take all the safety measures if you visit it!

Chernobyl Tours

If you want a different and crazy experience in your next trip, what about a tour through the abandoned city of Chernobyl? Left behind after the nuclear accident years ago, Chernobyl remains frozen in time and, although it’s not safe for habitation yet, you can visit it with an experienced guide in order to know firsthand the aftermath of the Chernobyl disaster. As you tour through the zone, you will learn about radiation safety, and get to learn personal experiences of the whole story of Chernobyl.


Don’t let traveling be synonymous of going to a hotel and rest for a while. Take part in one of these extreme and crazy travel experiences and live your life to the limit!