Tips for traveling when you’re short on money

You don’t have to be rich or go out of your way and save for months or years in order to give yourself a good travel. In fact, it is possible to visit somewhere new while reducing your expenses, if you are willing to change the way you tend to think about traveling, and are committed to adapting to a very small budget. You might not end up in a luxury resort, but that’s okay: in the end, you’ll come back home with a very different and gratifying experience!

If you want to give yourself the luxury and pleasure of traveling with a minimal budget, read these tips!

Strike direct deals

People tend to request a travel agency’s services in order to get a complete offer that includes transportation, accommodation and other activities for just one price. While these packages tend to include certain deals and bargains, they might not be the best option if you’re on a tight budget. Instead, contact your airline and an array of hotels and inns directly, and ask for any deal or discount you can get. You might end up with a more affordable plan if you arrange it yourself!

Enjoy free tours

If you’re already in another city or country, or just want to do something different where you live, look up if there’s any free tours close to you. Tourism agencies are increasingly adding free walking tours that visit the most important monuments, attractions and streets of a given city with a local guide, in order to show off the place (and promote their paid tours). Enjoy a tour around the city with all the explanations included and without any payment at all!

Get transportation passes

Instead of paying for each trip you take on the bus or subway, see if you can get a weekly or monthly pass. It tends to be sold for a lower price if you’re an avid user of these transportation methods, and depending on the city you’re traveling to, most attractions and places are accessible by them, so you’re effectively allowing yourself to reach every bit of the city on a reduced price.


If your budget is really tight, consider Couchsurfing to eliminate your accommodation expenses! Couchsurfing is a website that allows people around the world to offer lodging for travelers, without any monetary payment. The website encourages guests to “share something” with the hosts, but this doesn’t mean you have to pay. If you can find a host profile and arrange a deal, then you’ll enjoy free accommodation and probably make a new friend in the way!

Get to know the locals

Usually, in every popular destination there are a few “tourist traps”: places and attractions that lure unaware tourists who are willing to pay more than the average for entertainment, food and other services. If you’re short on money, these places will do you no good. Instead, get to know people who actually live in your destination: strike a conversation with them on the bar or the hotel lobby, and ask them what to do for fun or where to eat. They’ll surely know where to get the best deals and reduce expenses!

Bring your own food

Finally, if you are able to, prepare food for yourself. It’s always cheaper to make something light, like sandwiches, and take them with you than to eat in a restaurant everyday.

These tips, mixed with a little bit of luck, will help you enjoy of your travel without having to worry about money!